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I’ve finally taken the leap. I thought about a blog for a while, but it seemed like a hassle and I didn’t see the point. However, I now have an idea and so I’m going to give it a go. I’m going to document my running experiences, mainly for myself I suppose really, but if others want to read, comment or ask questions, I’m happy.

I’ve only done a couple of races thus far (Robin Hood Half Marathon in September 2012 – time of 1:27:32 and the Heanor Christmas Pudding Run 10k race – time of 39:24), but run regularly to work a couple of times a week and when races are coming up, I go for longer runs at the weekend when I can fit them in.

I’ve been inspired recently by delving into the running sport literature, as I’m an avid reader and given my new found enjoyment of running, it made sense to read around the subject. I don’t tend to do things half-heartedly.

Just before Christmas 2012, I was asked for Christmas present suggestions for myself and so I did a search for books about running to read. Looking at Amazon reviews, it seemed that THE book to buy was ‘Born To Run’ by Christopher MacDougall. That went top of my list and from getting it on Christmas Day, I read it in less than a week which is amazing given that I only tend to read for 20 minutes before I go to sleep. The book really had a big impact on me and motivated me to set some goals about running ‘long’…and running barefoot (hence the name of the blogger!). I’m not going to give my tuppence worth on the book – there’s plenty of that already on the internet – but I’d recommend the book to anyone interested in sport generally, or South America, or has goals that seem difficult to achieve. This book will inspire you.

Since that book, I’ve rampaged my way through Running with the Kenyans by Adharanand Finn, and most recently the Step by Step guide to Barefoot Running by Ken Bob Saxton.

So now, having read three books that talk positively about barefoot running, being ‘won over’ by what I see as accurate reasoning about our bodies and having experienced pain in one of my feet when I was running a lot of miles (for me anyway) just before the Half Marathon I ran, I’m looking to ease in to barefoot running.

This blog is going to be my account of my experiences and how I approach it. I’ll be basing quite a bit of my foray into barefoot running on what Ken Bob Saxton teaches in the book I mentioned above, although I will be taking things even slower than he suggests on page 146 of his book where he suggests running for 3 minutes at the beginning and three minutes at the end of your normal run barefoot. I should note that he actually says everyone should just go barefoot completely straight away and build it up slowly – the programme I quoted above is for those unwilling / unable to get out to just run for a few minutes at a time and go ‘solely barefoot’ (pun intended, hope you liked it). The reason I’m going to start more slowly will be revealed in the next blog post



One comment on “Welcome to my running blog

  1. Tentsmuir
    January 4, 2014

    Thought some of you might like to see this wee blog on barefoot running and low carb / low salt diet from 1709!

    A snippet: “When his powder failed he took them by speed of foot; for his way of living, and continued exercise of walking and running, cleared him of all gross humours, so that he run with wonderful swiftness through the woods, and up the rocks and hills, as we perceived when we employed him to catch goats for us. We had a bull dog, which we sent with several of our nimblest runners to help him catch goats; but he distanced and tired both the dog and men, catched the goats and brought ‘em to us on his back.”

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