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Has the British media forgotten about Athletics already?!

I pose the question partly in order to illicit some response, but mainly because I was so frustrated over the weekend that for all my internet searching, I could not find a way to watch Mo Farah compete in the thrilling half marathon with Gebre Gebremariam, which Mo pipped Gebre in a sprint finish. There was no coverage on the BBC, ITV or any other channel, including Sky, or from what I could tell, any US TV station that aired the event over the internet. Was I looking in the wrong place entirely? If so, someone please inform me where I could watch competitive athletics over the internet, as I really can’t afford Sky!

On Sunday evening, literally a couple of hours after the race (by which time news reports were starting to surface, albeit in brief on the internet about Mo’s success), I listened to the end of the football match between Swansea City and Bradford City in the Capital One Cup Final (Swansea won 5-0!) on Radio 5 Live, which was then followed by Sports news.

I kid ye not when I say that the half marathon Mo won wasn’t even mentioned. Scottish football results, Six Nations rugby, Golf in the USA, World Track Cycling, but no mention of our double Olympic Gold medallist winning the first half marathon he’d run since New York in 2011. This despite all the furore about his reported pay packet of £750,000 for running half a London marathon this year, and committing to racing the full event in 2014 (an astounding figure I can’t imagine is anywhere close to his fee – and if it is, I’m gonna go pro!).

Even this morning, after the BBC could have clearly collected it’s thoughts about news worthy sporting news, on Radio 4 during the sports news at roughly half past 7, again, not a mention of Mo’s achievement at all. Has Mo done something wrong? Have the BBC fallen out with him? Have we forgotten athletics already, until the Olympics come round again in Rio in 2016?

Can anyone explain this lack of interest or lack of coverage to me?

scratching my head, barefoottc


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