my running adventures – barefoot or otherwise

Some observations and questions about running

A shorter post this one (I hear a sigh of relief – there is probably only about one person who’ll read this other than me!).

Running in to work yesterday morning, I was struck by the beauty of the morning as I ran along Beeston canal (a new route I was trying in to work). It was a terrific bright blue sky, so, so quiet and I did consider just how lucky I am to be close enough to my place of work that I can do this as a commute, rather than have to plan a specific time to run outside of my normal daily routine.

I was running again in my Saucony Fiya trainers and although I’ve still only done less than 5 runs in them, I’m really liking the feel of them. Ever so light (213 grams per shoe, so I’m told by the website I bought them from) and comfortable without affecting my contact with the ground too much. 

Having said that, it is such a significant difference running in trainers to running barefoot. 

I love running because…I get time and space on my own to clear my head, think through stuff I need to (if I do), and it helps me to gain a more balanced perspective on life.

I’d love to hear WHY you love running. Looking forward to your replies!

Keep your running light-footed and smooth!


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