my running adventures – barefoot or otherwise

Running with a heavy rucksack – a good idea?!

Last night, as I was getting ready to leave work, I slowly realised that in order to get the marking done I needed to, I’d have to take it home with me. And I was running home. And the books I needed to mark weighed a lot!

It turned out that I was carrying a rucksack weighing 18.5 lbs (I had to check on the scales when I got home to satisfy my curiosity!). Now, according to my looking it up on the internet, that equates to 8.4kg. So, for us in the UK, that’s nearly 8 and a half bags of sugar!

I have to say I started out alright despite the load. It may even have helped with my form, as I was far less likely to be able to lean forward due to the heavy weight on my back!

I surprised myself by running the 4 miles into Beeston (I had to stop by a few shops to get supplies in for Mother’s Day!) in 7:11 per mile pace, which I was pretty pleased with to be honest. Carrying the weight on my back also helped me to focus on running lightly, trying not to hammer my feet down into the ground and keeping my knees bent and my feet under my body on landing.

It was a lovely time to run as the evenings are getting lighter and despite the cold conditions, the sun was out (yes, the sun!!) and all seemed right in the world.

I got home pleased with my purchases and pleased too that in my stubbornness and schoolboy curiosity I’d proven to myself that I could run home with a huge amount of weight on my back (well, it is to me, the weakling I am!). However, as I took my rucksack off, I did consider the wisdom of trying such a feat.

My back on the mid-left side felt strained and left me wondering about my foolhardiness. Was I just trying to be a bit macho? Was this actually a pretty dumb idea? Why did I do it? Would this jeopardise my current good training?

I guess time will tell, but I’d be interested to see the thoughts of others on how they make their runs more testing if adding weight to carry isn’t perhaps the best way to do this.

As time was against me (and I was now carrying a breakable item as well as my rucksack), I missed out on my barefoot running stint, which I hope to reinstate on Thursday morning on my run in to work.


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