my running adventures – barefoot or otherwise

May the 4th be with you!


OK, I apologise now, but I only get to use this once a year, and this is the first time this special date has come round since I began blogging, so forgive my indulgence…and enjoy the Fourth of May, Star Wars style!

To celebrate this day, I did a core strength session, and hope to be using my new, improved force (fourth) on my longer run tomorrow. I’ll be aiming to run at least the first 5 miles of my run in 30 minutes, which I’m hoping will be my race pace come 7th June when I run the 10-miler I signed up for ages ago. My goal is to run as close to 1 hour for the 10 miles as possible, hopefully ducking just under the 1 hour time limit…but I know this is a tough ask, and will not only rely on me feeling good, but also the weather conditions. If it’s at all windy, I’ve got no chance!

Calm you shall keep, and carry on you must! Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend,


p.s. Longest ever barefoot run blog post coming up next!



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