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Friday – Blog Lite! Socks or no socks for running?

I’ve been a keen sportsman all my life, and regardless of the sport I’ve played – football, cricket, badminton, tennis – I’ve always worn socks in my trainers. I wear flip flops in the Summer, without socks I might add, and enjoy the barefoot feeling. This is one of the reasons why I’ve embarked on including barefoot running within my usual weekly running routine.

However, now I’ve got a couple of pairs of pretty minimalist-style running shoes, I’m wondering whether I should, or need, to be wearing socks at all.

Do elite and professional athletic runners wear socks? If so, just in training, or in training AND in races? Do you wear socks in your trainers when you run? Why do you, or why don’t you wear socks?

I seem to get blisters fairly easily, and think that perhaps without the socks, this might exacerbate this issue. If you’ve recently ditched the socks, have you found you’ve got more or less blisters? Why did you decide to ditch the socks?

I’m keen to hear your thoughts on the sock debate. I haven’t yet tried to run with one sock on and one sock off, but I might be tempted at some point!

Enjoy your weekend!


p.s. This is by far my shortest ever blog post (aside from my post to express sympathies for the Boston Marathon victims). ‘Like’ my blog post if you appreciate my trying to keep this brief!


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