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Recovered from illness!


Thank you all for your concern earlier this week. I’m not a good patient, and being unwell isn’t a state I cope with very well. I’m pleased to be able to say I am now much better (as is the family too!) and have managed to get out for a 7km run (Tuesday – and an 18km bike ride (Today, Thursday –

Here’s me before my run, notice my awesome new Strava Ambassador running top (further blog post to come on this!):

Sporting the new Strava Ambassador long sleeved running top

Sporting the new Strava Ambassador long sleeved running top

I ran 5km at 18:52 pace, which I was pretty pleased with considering I hadn’t been well, but the last 2km felt tough. I’d planned on doing at least 10km, but with me only just recovering, I felt it best to curtail the activity and wait to push myself harder later on in the week.

This run was particularly fun for me because I ran in the rain.







I think this is due to my childhood being spent playing football in any weather, and enjoying the freedom to get as mucky as I liked down at the local recreation ground with a bunch of friends. It’s strange, but every time we did it, I always had that sinking feeling on the way home, knowing I was going to get it in the neck from my mum for giving her a bunch of awfully dirty clothes that she’d have to try and get clean again! It’s funny, but I never had this feeling while I was enjoying the football, only on the walk home. This was in the mobile phoneless days, when you just went home from the park when you were hungry, or you couldn’t see any more in the fading light. Ah, great days!

This run got me thinking about WHY I like running in the rain, apart from just being used to doing it, and feeling like a naughty school boy doing it. I like running in the rain because:

  1. I pretty much have the entire path, trail, whole area to myself. Even the traffic seems to be less inclined to get in my way when it’s raining.
  2. It feels a bit more of a challenge than running in dry weather.
  3. The rain cools me down. I don’t like feeling hot when I run!
  4. It makes me smile to think of people cooped up inside with the mentality that ‘we can’t go outside, it’s raining’ while I’m out, getting drenched, and thoroughly enjoying myself.

What is your favourite type of weather to run in? Do you like running in the rain?


One comment on “Recovered from illness!

  1. Teresa
    May 31, 2013

    Oh! I. Love. The. Rain!!! I ran in drizzle earlier in the spring and I liked it!! Unfortunately here in Texas our rain quite often comes in the form of a thunderstorm….and that I won’t do – play outside when it’s lightning.

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