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New 5K parkrun pb!

Well, I managed to get in an unexpected parkrun this weekend! I was hoping to hold out for a longer run on Father’s Day, but I find a competitive run hard to turn down!

My Dad was up visiting us for the weekend too, and he wanted to see me run, so it was a great opportunity for him to see me do my thing, and for me to run with some support for a change!

I hoped to set a new pb, but was aware of all the rain we’d had in the night, which could have made the course more difficult to run on. My fears were allayed when we got to Rushcliffe Country Park though. I met a really nice guy on the start line called Abdull Nur. Check out his story and his website here. He was telling me he’s trained with Mo Farah and how he’s got competitions in Holland coming up soon, before he goes back to train at altitude in Africa.

Wow! I thought, he’s going to leave me for dead! I asked him what his best parkrun time was after finding out he’d done some before, at other places. He said 19:01, but I wasn’t sure he really understood my question.

He said he was a 1500m runner really, and that he’d already done a ten mile run before parkrun! Now that’s dedication for you! He started off at the front, along with me and a few other guys too. One of which had a dog lead tied round his waist and was literally being pulled along by his dog! (More on him later)

The course was firm underfoot and I felt pretty good, although the pace of the first km was, at this point in my running ability, unsustainable at 3:14/km! It was at about the 1km mark that I went ahead of Abdull and was expecting him to just sit on my shoulder for as long as he wanted before sprinting past me at unbelievable speed later on in the race.

I dropped off the initial pace with times just over 3:30/km for the next 3 kms, before running a bit quicker on the final km, which was 3:22 pace. I did maintain my place just behind the dog-pulled leader though. Sadly, I didn’t manage to come first, it still eludes me! I came 2nd overall, a few seconds behind the winner – yes, it was the guy being pulled along by his dog! – and ironic that he’d run this parkrun for the first time as part of an East Midlands parkrun tour he was doing with his two dogs and his partner!

So, I beat Abdull! He came third and made excuses about not liking the number of dogs around the course (most of whom were on a lead, to be fair to their owners). I felt quite pleased I’d beat him, despite knowing that he’d already done ten miles more than me that morning. He runs with Notts AC and has a pb time for 1500m of 4:11 – yes, rapid! He’s a really nice guy and it was great to have that time at the start of the run to chat with him. His life seems like a great way to live (running, eating and sleeping!).

I looked him up online later on in the day, and his pb for 5km is 14:44! I was right to think I wouldn’t keep up with him if he’d been fresh and I felt good that I’d managed to come ahead of him too. I imagine that elite runners like him don’t like to come any place other than first when they race!

What topped the run off was that I did get myself a new parkrun pb for 5km, shaving 8 seconds off my previous parkrun official time. My new pb is now 17:27. Only 28 seconds to shave off to get my goal of a sub-17 minute 5k by the end of 2013. Wish me luck!

Ken Allen receives his 50 parkruns t-shirt! That's me behind him in the white Strava t-shirt!

Ken Allen receives his 50 parkruns t-shirt! That’s me behind him in the white Strava t-shirt!

Here’s me trying to steal Ken’s limelight of him achieving 50 parkruns! I’ve only done 4!

Have you achieved a pb recently? How and when did it happen? What are your goals in running for this year?


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