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Notts 10-mile race review (part 3 of 3) – and running plans for the future

Notts AC - hosts of the Notts 10-mile race

Notts AC – hosts of the Notts 10-mile race

Now you know the story of the pre-race lead up, and what happened in the race itself, I thought I’d share my thoughts and ideas about where I’m going to go from here.

I was really happy with my 10-mile race time (coming 7th) and it made me think more carefully about my plans for the forthcoming months.

As I had inadvertently entered the Notts AAA road running championships, I looked to see what other events form the championship. They include a 5k (end of July), a 10k (the week after), a marathon (September) and a half marathon (October). The beauty of them is that they are all quite local to me.

Now, having spoken to my wife about the possibility of me entering all of these before baby comes along in November, I’m planning on entering all these races, before taking a mini-sabbatical from competition over the winter period while we get to grips with having three children in our care.

As a teacher, I get fantastic summer holidays, so I’ll be able to get more training in, and entering races over the Summer (the 5k and 10k races) shouldn’t have too much of an impact on family life.

So, I’m pretty excited about my running adventures for the next few months, which will see me hopefully go faster over 5k, and see me debut at the marathon distance too!

My training is therefore going to be pretty mixed up, and will include increasingly longer runs, and I’ll need to be more disciplined in actually doing interval, tempo, hill and fartlek sessions rather than my usual steady-paced runs to work or back. I’ll also need to get back into the routine of doing one or two core strength sessions a week, which have dropped off in the madness that is the summer term at my workplace!

I also think that because my running mileage is low (i.e. about 20 miles a week if I manage to get in a long weekend run) and I spend a lot of time on my bike, I’m managing not to get injured because cycling is less demanding with regard to impact (please God, keep me injury free now I’ve said it!), but am benefitting from the exercise I do get in.

My time goals for these races are as follows:

  • Sub-17:15 5k
  • PB for the 10k (so, under 36:58)
  • Finishing the marathon (as it’s my first one, I don’t want to put myself under time constraints – I just want to finish!)
  • PB for the Half marathon (which is currently 1:27:36). Ideally, I’d like to run under 1:20, which I’m hoping I can do given my recent 10-mile time.

I’ve been encouraged by reviewing my best times of 2012, and comparing them with how I’ve done over certain distances so far in 2013.

What races do you have coming up soon? Do you have specific goals for them?

What distance(s) do you want to compete in? Which race distances do you prefer?


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