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What would your ideal running t-shirt look like?

A cool message on a t-shirt I saw - source:

A cool message on a t-shirt I saw – source:

I’ve recently been thinking about this – If I had time to design a t-shirt to run in, what would be on it?

I was thinking about this the other night while I was lying awake trying hard to get to sleep. Obviously, I wasn’t trying hard enough because all of a sudden this idea popped into my head and I couldn’t resist giving it some thought!
I came to the opinion that, as it was God who blessed me with the ability to run, and I’m so thankful for it, that I’d like to promote my beliefs on my t-shirt. So, something I though that would be pretty cool would be to have a message on the back of my t-shirt for people running behind me to read, and give them something to think about during their run. It would read:
‘I’m following Jesus. What about you?’
Deep huh?! I then started thinking that this might not only extend the kingdom of God in some small way by giving people something to consider, that they perhaps haven’t thought much about so far in their lives, but it would serve another, admittedly lesser, purpose.
And here it is: It might screw with their minds so bad that they can’t possibly comprehend getting past me in the race! You know, me having God on my side and all, haha!! Well now, perhaps that’s just a bit too competitive of me, don’t you think? I mean, who can compete with God?
As well as that text, I’d have an image of two small footprints following two larger footprints, illustrating me following Jesus.
BUT, what would I have as a message on the front? I mean, during a race no-one but photographers and the crowd would see it, so there’s no point having a message for fellow runners in the race. Eureka! There you go then, my audience for the front of my t-shirt would be the photographers and the crowd. What a potentially huge audience!
In which case, I’d have my blog address plastered on the front of my t-shirt, probably where a race number wouldn’t be positioned (and tastefully printed on the short sleeves of my t-shirt too – pesky race numbers!).
Now, on to colours…
Well, I have two pairs of grey trainers, the Saucony Fiya (grey with red trim) and Saucony Hattori LC (grey with bright yellow laces and trim). I have one pair of super cool short running shorts that are black with a white trim, and another longer pair of shorts, came colourway.
I think I would probably go for a white technical t-shirt with bright yellow trim (separated from the white of the t-shirt by black piping) and black writing, so that the text would really stand out on the white background.
If you designed your own running t-shirt/vest/long-sleeved running top, what message would be on it? What images? What colourways would you use?

One comment on “What would your ideal running t-shirt look like?

  1. Yonex Sterno
    July 28, 2013

    Your choice of T-shirt design really speaks a lot about your personality. By the way, good choice!

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