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I’m still here – and have been running in different places

Cloughton Wyke (picture from

Cloughton Wyke (picture from

I know, it’s been a long time since a blog post from this here blogger, but I’ll explain why…

I’ve been away on a school residential trip for a week, up to North Yorkshire with a big bunch of Year 6 boys. It was a lot of fun, but very exhausting. It also takes some time to recover from the lack of sleep, constant physical exertion and concentration required, and hence I’ve needed to catch up on sleep, family time and work while I’ve been away.

I did manage to sneak out early morning for a couple of runs though!

You can see my slower, run/hike along the Yorkshire coast here:

And my quicker 10k run here (first 5k was uphill, then I turned back and had a challenging but fast downhill 5k to post my second quickest ever 10k time!):

I absolutely loved the change of scenery and landscape. The first run, along the clifftops of the Cleveland Way, was wonderful and to hear the sea while running was so soothing and enjoyable. The second run was along a disused railway track, and the wild flowers I saw, and the quiet countryside was at times beautiful and at times a bit scary! My imagination at times got a bit carried away and I started to get paranoid about people following me, or jumping out at me! With the overarching trees along the route, I guess I was perhaps suffering from natural claustrophobia?! At any rate, it got the heart going!

My next post will come in a few days time, but until then, why not have a look at this post about your ideal running t-shirt/vest? For all you running fashionistas out there!

run light!


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