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A big week of running and cycling!

Chris Froome beasting the Tour de France. Source:

Chris Froome beasting the Tour de France. Source:

Last week was a pretty awesome week of exercise for me. I think the Tour de France has inspired me to try and cycle longer, although this is hard to find the time in a busy lead up to the end of term. However, I managed to run and ride as follows:

Monday – day of rest

Tuesday – 12.6km bike (28.8km/h pace, and 16.9km run (4:14/km pace,

Wednesday – 7km run (4:16/km pace,, 20.1km bike (29.4km/h pace,

Thursday – 16.2km bike (28.9km/h pace,, 5.1km run (3:59/km pace)

Friday – 8.7km run (4:12/km pace,, 12.7km bike (30.4km/h pace,

Grand totals:

Running: 37.6km

Cycling: 61.6km

Now that I’ve added it all up, it doesn’t seem so impressive…but I’ve just worked out that I missed out on posting a 100km week by just 0.8km! That sucks!! Oh well, there’s only ALL SUMMER to work on that, heh heh…

Saturday and Sunday were days of well-earned rest…apart from paddling and splashing in the pool in record temperatures all weekend with the kiddies! It’s a hard life!!

I did manage to get in a bit of core work on Sunday afternoon while watching Murray’s momentous win at Wimbledon though. All that slugging of a tennis ball around the court was making me feel guilty for not doing any exercise myself though. I felt better for doing something, even if it was just a few press ups, sit ups and planks.

If I convert my totals into miles, it looks really lame, but this was actually a good week (in terms of how regularly I got out) for me and the pace of the runs was fairly good given the temperature and the times of day I am working out (either before 7:45am, or from 4:30pm onwards). At the moment, I’m using Strava to set my weekly goals at 50km for cycling and 32km for running, and this seems like enough for now. But in a week’s time, I’m going to have to slowly begin increasing the time on my feet ahead of a late September marathon I’m going to participate in.

I am excited now because I’ve entered another race! It’s a 10k race in the University of Nottingham’s grounds, on Friday 2nd August in the evening. My current pb for the distance is 36:58 (which I posted during a 10 mile race), and I’m hoping to blow that away (or at least shave a few seconds off it!) when I race. I think my target is going to be to do it in 36:30 or under, but again this depends on conditions.

What are your typical running and cycling totals/goals for a week?

When is your next race?


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