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My latest long run and what I used to help me through it!

At the end of my long training run yesterday, I felt just like this lady:


Yes, exhausted!

Yesterday I covered my greatest distance since I competed in a 16 mile race in March, 21.9km. I had run 22km, but the app I use, Strava, upon cleaning up the GPS data, shortened it to 21.9km.

I took in a few hills, and started running at 5:30am, so I’m not too despondent about the time it took (1:32), as I know from the previous week’s long run that I can go faster. What I was pleased with on my latest long run was that I felt so much better for being able to hydrate myself on the move. I forgot to take water with me last week, and I ended up feeling pretty dehydrated and had a dull headache all day after the run last week. Yesterday, I just felt tired all day, without the headache!

Last week’s run is here: (46 metres of elevation)

Yesterday’s run is here: (in contrast, 167 metres of elevation!)

What do I use on my long runs, compared to shorter runs?

Well, I ALWAYS wear plasters over my nipples after a sore experience in preparation for last year’s half marathon! Some people suggest vaseline or some similar product, but I just don’t fancy having to try to wash that out of my running tops…

The other thing I use is a sports waist belt with a lycra stretchy pocket for my phone and…my jelly baby sweets! These are a good motivational tool for congratulating myself along the run when I reach particular milestones, but also give me that little injection of sugary goodness along the way. Even if they don’t physically do much good, mentally they help!

Then of course, there is the water. During my forthcoming half marathon race, I’m expecting to just use the water stations, but these aren’t available to me on long training runs, so carrying a water bottle is essential to stay hydrated and be able to run my best for the duration of my run.

What extras do you include / carry / wear on a long training run that you don’t use for your shorter runs?


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