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Robin Hood Half Marathon race training update!

My last post was quite some time ago now…and in fact, I haven’t posted since I started the new term at work!

So, here I am blogging on a night while my beloved wife is sat watching yet another episode of her Downton Abbey lovefest! Well, it beats marking for another night!

Since the start of term, I have managed to get out for a weekly long run on a Saturday morning. You can check out my progress here:

31st August: (1:30:45 3rd best time for a Half Marathon)

7th September: (Hare and Tortoise race with a friend)

14th September: (1:20:18 PR for a Half Marathon!!)

Now I’m hoping I get my final longer run nailed tomorrow to give me confidence ahead of next weekend’s race (Sunday 29th September).

I should probably explain a bit about the above mention of a Hare and Tortoise race! It was a fun, tense affair and worked like this; My friend, Mr Herd, and I agreed on a route and an end point and roughly calculated how long we thought it would take us based on a sensible pace for each of us. We worked out that with me 6-minute mileing, and Mr Herd 8-minute mileing, it equated to an approximate 20 minute time difference. Therefore, he set off at 7am, and I at 7:20am.

It was a testing run for both of us. Mr Herd felt the pressure of being chased down, while I had the motivation to really pull out all the stops to catch him up! Unfortunately, after a few GPS issues which led to giving Mr Herd a shade more time, there wasn’t enough road to catch him up, and he won the race by a good few minutes in the end.

However, it turned out that instead of 8-minute mileing, Mr Herd outdid himself to average 7:35-minute miles for the duration of the 19km race. I was never going to catch him!

This long run really did spur my training on a bit though, and last weekend I managed to really break off the shackles, running a PR that gave me hope that I can manage my long-term target for this impending Half Marathon of dipping under 1:20 for the distance. I feel this would be an immense achievement for me, and one that I won’t be in a physical condition to beat for quite a while yet, what with our third child due in November and all the amazing wonderfulness that this brings!

So, what gave rise to my putting together this crazy-fast target of 1:20 for 13.1 miles? Well, it all started with my self-imposed challenge of running a 10-mile race in under an hour back in June (which I managed, in 59:29). You can read about that particular race here. There are a further two parts of that race report that follow, just so you know!

As I’d done this, I felt that a further 3 miles at the same 6-minute mile time would be possible. As such, this would see me home for a Half Marathon well inside 1:20. Since then though, I haven’t raced with others, so being able to post a time of 1:20:18 on a solo run has made me feel confident that I can repeat this in a race situation.

I’m so excited now, because my race number has come through too!

Check this out…it even has my first name on it!

Here's my race number - I'll be in the lead group as the race starts!

Here’s my race number – I’ll be in the lead group as the race starts!

What is the coolest race number you’ve worn in a race?

What goals do you have in running terms for the remainder of this year?

run smooth, light and easy…which helps you run FAST! 🙂



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