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This barefoottc running and cycling blog is a year old!

Oops…I thought I’d published this on the 18th Feb, but it seems I didn’t after all! Oh well, you now get two blog posts for the price of one on ‘post my blog article Friday!’ Enjoy! 🙂

Happy 1st Blog Birthday to me!

Happy 1st Blog Birthday to me!

This anniversary really crept up on me and it was only when I got a little note from wordpress telling me I’d been blogging for a year that I realised!

It has been a busy last few weeks, which is probably why I forgot all about the impending blog birthday!

So, what benefits have I gleaned from writing a blog for a year?

  1. I have enjoyed developing my urge to write into something that people might enjoy reading, and the time I’ve taken to think about how I will approach a specific blog post. Now I’ve averaged writing more than a blog post a week for a year (I’m pleased it is more than an average of 1 a week!), I feel pretty pleased with that achievement. Particularly, I should state, since we had our third child in November, and are only now managing to see the wood for the trees!
  2. I’ve engaged with, and formed friendships with, many people in the running and cycling communities, that I otherwise would not have.
  3. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing peers (Mike Wells, for example), and have also been privileged enough to have become a Strava Run Ambassador. If you don’t yet use anything to analyse and track your runs or rides, check out this free app! And even if you do use something that isn’t strava, and haven’t given strava a go, you need to. It’ll open up a whole new world of wonderfulness to you!
  4. I’ve experienced the highs and lows of entering events (running more than cycling) and learnt a lot along the way, which I hope I’ve managed to pass on to other runners and cyclists too.
  5. I’ve become more ‘techno-literate!’ I am now a blogger and have a twitter account too (@barefoottc). Before I started blogging, I had my head in the sand a bit with regard to the burgeoning technological developments that had been popping up over the previous few years. I feel much more a part of the modern world.
  6. I’ve learnt a lot from other bloggers out there, the way they write, the competitions they run, the things they share. While I haven’t agreed with it all, I’ve enjoyed being part of the debate, and feel more informed because of it all.
  7. I discovered parkrun! If you’ve never heard of parkrun before, you really need to go and check it out. It will revolutionise your social running life and make you feel all warm and tingly about this world of ours!
  8. I’ve become that bit more disciplined. In order to blog, you need to find time to do it, to be organised, to have a plan, and to stick to it. I’ve also enjoyed thinking of material to write about (I currently have two other posts in draft format as I write, and a bunch of other ideas for future posts too).
  9. Ooh, ooh, I nearly forgot! I’ve been shortlisted in the 2014 Running Awards too! I have no idea what prizes (if any) there are, but I can dream of being handed a lucrative book deal, sizeable cheque, new running and cycling gear, or a pat on the back! It means a lot to have been shortlisted for a blog that I’ve only been writing for a year.

So, I’ve enjoyed the many benefits, achievements, highs and lows that the past year of blogging, running and cycling has brought. I’m really looking forward to the challenges of my second year of blogging. I wonder if it’ll be difficult like the second album often is for musicians?

How long have you been blogging for? What have you enjoyed about it most? What have you found tough?

take it easy, run smooth, and ride hard!



3 comments on “This barefoottc running and cycling blog is a year old!

  1. The Running Schlub
    February 21, 2014

    This is awesome, congrats on 1 year of blogging. Inspires me to keep blogging myself. Totally agree with all the things you have learned over your first year. Keep up the great work.

    • barefoottc
      February 21, 2014

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback 😉

  2. jeffthomsan1
    April 26, 2014

    That must be the most beautiful feeling! Completing one year with WordPress and blogging is nothing short than an achievement, so first of all BIG congratulations 🙂
    I was reading your list of achievement, experience, discovery and learning: and I am very happy for you. After all, writing is the most beautiful way of expression and you have been expressing from past one year. Wow kudos for that 🙂

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