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I’m back…with a new runner!

Trying to do a curtsey-type pose just before the parkrun finish line!

Trying to do a curtsey-type pose just before the parkrun finish line!

Well, hello again!

It really has been a long time since my last blog post. The reason? I’ve been busy working towards a professional goal that I’m pleased to say has been realised! For now, I’ll have to be that vague, as it is potentially sensitive (but not THAT sensitive that I’d be compromising national security or anything!)

So, have I been running during this intense, draining and difficult period of time? You betcha! If I hadn’t, I’d probably be ill, or have much higher blood pressure than I currently do.

Here are a few of my recent runs: – My latest parkrun, finished 3rd – A progressive 10k running home in the rain! – 3k effort, + 3 x 500m efforts

Unable to resist mixing it up in front of the cameraman - 2k left to go at Beeston parkrun!

Unable to resist mixing it up in front of the cameraman – 2k left to go at Beeston parkrun!

More importantly than all of this though, is the amazing news that my wife has finally succumbed to getting in to running! She’s previously had a couple of forays into the midst, but each time, a new pregnancy got in the way of her establishing a routine, or running for a period of time that showed improvement (which is, in my opinion, one key element in motivating someone to want to continue).

I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been as I’ve seen Mary embrace running, and break PB after PB over the last few months. She has now got two parkruns under her belt and seems to be enjoying her new found activeness! During one of them, we even had the unexpected pleasure of running a parkrun together, thanks to my Dad offering to look after our children while we galloped around Beeston parkrun. It was so nice to share the parkrun experience with my wife and again, I enjoyed the experience of running with someone which is something I don’t often get to do.

Have you recently introduced someone to running? How did that happen?


2 comments on “I’m back…with a new runner!

  1. t morris
    June 27, 2014

    Hi, Tim. I introduced my three year old grandson to running as soon as he could walk. Now he runs “trails” in his back yard, and when I take him to the park he wants to run instead of play on the playground equipment. He loves to carry my Garmin in his hands when he runs. When I hand it to him, he’ll stand still and watch it for a minute, telling me he’s waiting for it to load the satellite. He’s a barefoot runner, naturally, like his Gigi! I can’t wait until I can run his first children’s 1k with him (which will be within the next few months). On another note, earlier this week I heard an author on the radio discuss his book: I believe it’s the kind of book you may be interested in reading, so I wanted to mention it to you. I plan to read it soon, when I finish the book I’m currently reading. Run joyfully!

    • barefoottc
      June 30, 2014

      Hi, and thanks for sharing about your grandson – that’s so cute about the ‘trails’ he runs!! Thanks also for the book recommendation. I’ll check out the link!

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