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Welcome back…to me! And the kind of runner I am…


This is me crossing the finishing line at the recent Calke Abbey 10k. I finished 7th after having to pause for 30 seconds about 700 metres from the end because I’d pushed too hard up the final hill!

Hi everyone, I thought that two years was probably long enough for you to be waiting for another blog post from me, so here you go!


My next blog post (spoiler alert!) is going to be a whistle-stop tour of what’s happened in my running life in the past two years, but what I really want to be focusing on in future blog posts is my experiences in running and fitness, offering up some talking points for discussion, reviewing races I’ve entered and products I’ve purchased (or been sent, hint, hint!), interviewing my fellow runner-beings and generally being a good ‘go-to’ blog site for an immersion into the wonderful world of running!

Castle Rock 10k - August 2016.JPG

Feeling pretty tired after a hilly 10k around the University of Nottingham’s beautiful campus. My legs felt like jelly from 5k onwards.


My question for today is; what kind of runner are you? I know there are endless articles about stereotypical runners and we’ve all seen them in the extreme, but often real people tend to stretch themselves across more than one of these extremities, contorting themselves into pseudo-stereotypes that are so much more satisfying to discuss, explain and read about, and consider.

This is the kind of runner I am:

The runner who can’t possibly listen to music when running, the runner who manages to make a competition with anyone and anything (including himself) out of thin air all in the pursuit of motivating themselves to achieve more. I’m the runner you don’t really want to run with because I am adept at asking lots of questions so I don’t have to talk much, I’m the runner who hates to stop…for anything…the runner who is mildly obsessed with Strava, who almost evangelises about Strava and flags runs that were blatantly rides on Strava. I’m the runner who pushes themselves that bit too much so they wretch/throw-up sometimes, either during or just after finishing a race. I’m the runner who wishes they’d taken up running more seriously twenty years ago, the runner who watches what he eats and when he eats before even a training run (three hours is about right, no dairy!). I’m the runner who, following a race, is so whacked he is not much use to anyone. I’m the runner who you think you’ll get past soon because his legs look heavy, he’s breathing so hard he must be about to have a heartattack, but somehow manages to carry on and maybe even accelerate in the second half of the race. I’m the kind of runner who cartwheels across the finish line much to every runner’s annoyance, and every member of the crowd’s delight.

Yeah, I know. I hate me too! No way do I want to run with this guy, but I have to. I am he.

So, what kind of runner are you?


One comment on “Welcome back…to me! And the kind of runner I am…

  1. crapnurse
    October 3, 2016

    Botp runner,know my limits,also welcome back !

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