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Recent Racing!

As promised in my previous post, I wanted to update you on some of my recent races and how I found them.


The medal I won for 3rd place in the Nottinghamshire AAA Road Race Championships!


In June, I ran in the Notts AC ten mile road race around Holme Pierpont. It is an unforgiving course where the wind can buffet you from all sides and running round the lake can really mess with your mind. At times it can feel that you’re never going to get to the end of the lake. Two laps also means you are constantly reminded of who’s behind you, who’s ahead of you, and that there’s no hiding place at all. You suffer all the way round if you are pushing yourself, even if it is a flat course. How did I continue when I wanted to stop? There’s a range of factors that combine on this count and this is something I will be tackling in a forthcoming blog post.

My official time for the course this time round was 59:34. Initially, I was pretty peeved because it meant I was 5 seconds slower than when I’d run the same race in 2013 (I’d finished 7th in that race). It just shows what an attractive race for running fast times it is though, as this time round, I finished 26th! My GPS watch showed that I’d actually run 16.22 kilometres though, and that my time for exactly 10 miles was 59:01 with an average heart rate of 181bpm! This made me feel much happier with my performance, particularly given how I’d started off way too optimistic in what pace I felt I could maintain. It also included my fastest ever 10k, of 36:14!

You can look at the finer details of the route, my km split times and pace via this link to Strava.

What was quite unexpected was that I actually won a medal for this race! The Notts AAA road race championships run during this event. I ticked a box to say I wanted to enter (it didn’t cost anything extra) – it seems to be a race for those who live locally and enter the race. A few weeks after the event, a letter came through the post showing me I’d finished 3rd in the competition and I got a Bronze medal! It meant a lot to me, even though I knew I’d finished 26th overall, it was pleasing to know I’d finished so high amongst local runners!

In August, I entered the Castle Rock 10k, which is two laps of the beautiful but undulating grounds of the University of Nottingham. I’d previously run the course in 2013, achieving a time of 38:56. At the time, it was a bit touch and go as to whether I’d complete the course as I’d recently been injured with a calf strain. I’d finished 15th and was elated I hadn’t felt my calf injury, given that I was entered for the Robin Hood Half Marathon the following month.

With this time in mind, I was very curious as to how I’d perform. I hadn’t done a huge amount of training leading up to the race and it was the Summer hols. Anyway, despite feeling like I was going to collapse at 6km (I had succumbed to starting a bit too fast and over ambitious as to what pace I could keep up – again!), I managed to finish in 6th place in a time of 37:08. I was really pleased, although slightly disappointed I didn’t creep in under 37 minutes.

The activity details can be found here on Strava.

After this race, I was looking for another as I was feeling motivated to continue with my progress. I entered the Calke Abbey 10k race, which I ran in mid-September. This was the first year since I started running in 2012 I wasn’t going to be entering the Robin Hood Half Marathon, so I wanted something to focus on. Again, this was an undulating course, run smoothly by JackRabbit events. I hadn’t done the race before (this was it’s 4th annual outing), and so I didn’t really know what to expect. It turns out, I should have expected lots of hills!


Calke Abbey 10k medal – thoroughly deserved for the effort put in!


As the race went on, the temperature warmed up and unfortunately for me, I’d pushed myself that bit too much and just 700 metres from the finish line, I needed to stop to wretch. In this short delay, two runners overtook me before I got myself together and finished in 38:32 in 7th position. Given the demands of the course, I was fairly happy with my time. My finishing position also signalled that it was a challenging course. I was so pleased to finish, the adrenalin kicked in and I cartwheeled over the line!


Elated to have completed the Calke Abbey course – demandingly hilly!


The activity details can be found here on Strava.

So, in a nutshell:

Race 2016 result (position) 2013 comparison (where applicable)
Notts 10 mile road race – June 59:34* (26th) – 59:01 for 10 miles according to GPS device. 59:29 (7th)
Castle Rock 10k – August 37:08 (7th) 38:56 (15th)
Calke Abbey 10k – September 38:32 (7th) N/A
East Midlands Airport 10k – November Target time: 10k PB (under 36:14) N/A

What races have you run recently? How did you perform? What did you learn from the race and your build-up to it?


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  1. therunninger
    November 15, 2016

    Son nice running there, well done

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